How to setup Email Piping for Trellis Desk Free Helpdesk Ticketing sytem


trellis ticketing system, free helpdesk ticketing systemEmail Piping is one of the feature that offered by Trellis Desk Helpdesk ticketing system. And email piping is one of the most important feature in helpdesk ticketing system. If you do not know what is email piping, it’s actually a feature that convert email to ticket in the helpdesk ticketing system.

To setup email piping for Trellis Free Helpdesk Ticketing System, follow the steps below:-

  • Go to Admin -> Management -> Manage Departments -> Enable Email Piping -> Yes
  • Key in your support email in “Incoming Email” column.
  • Enable POP3 Checking -> Yes and fill up the Mail server address, username and password and may be you need to “Enable Guest Emails” and then click “Edit Department”
  • Now you need to create a email forwarder (email address that customer will send email to) and pipe it to:-
    /usr/bin/php -q /home/mywebsite/trellis/sources/pipe.php
  • If email piping not working, you might want to try POP3 method.
    Setup a cronjob in the server to auto pickup the email from POP3 account and convert into ticket. You might need to configure your cronjob to run every 5 min and here’s the example command to run in the cronjob:-
    /usr/bin/php -f /home/yourdomain/public_html/trellis/sources/pop3.php

Source: Trellis Helpdesk Documentation

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